The Blue Door

This is my friend Matt Dunn, although not a model by any means, he has appeared in a few of my shots on my Instagram and across the site.

Typically, we find ourselves aimlessly wondering around for somewhere to shoot and quite often come back with nothing useable. I'd like to blame that on our location, however its more commonly a case of us chatting breeze drifting off task. In this case, we left with a few shots. 

After squinting into the small screen on my camera, we were pretty pleased with the initial shots. So much so that I decided to load the shots on to my mac whilst we were there for a better look. I found that somewhere between my camera and moving them across, half of the files had become corrupted. If you have ever been in this position, you will know that it's truly a pain in the ass. 

So admittedly, these are thiner pickings than I would have hoped for but heres a few that survived.