NYC Pt.1

Having sat at the top of my travel list for a long time, when the opportunity appeared for me to travel out to NYC I was pumped. Everything is happening in New York, more goes on in a week amongst the hustle and bustle than a year where I am now. For the last few years I have woken up to some of my favourite NYC photographers on my feed, they make the city look so good. Knowing I was going to have the chance to wonder around the same streets they walk daily, with the possibility to get photos a tiny fraction as good as them was so exciting to me.

Not to bore you with travel details, but I started my 4 hour coach journey to Heathrow fairly early in the morning and on a very important side note, at least to me anyway, the dude next to me just had to start working on his leftover curry from the night before, of course he couldn't go without that for a coach journey... Anyway, once that was over, along with a not so short flight over the pond, I was finally in New York. 

I was staying in Crownheights, Brooklyn and For the next two weeks, I would be living above every cafe, deli, bagel spot and pizzeria you could think off. Needless to say, I ate pretty bad most of the time. Crownheights is a busy little neighbourhood, there's something going on all the time, good or bad. As I mentioned, more happens here in a week than it does in a year back home, Brooklyn is no exception. It felt good though, doing something new every day is healthy I suppose. 

When I left the apartment for the first time, I was instantly boiling. New York summer is no joke, and conveniently it was their hottest week of the year reaching a not so cool 40 degrees plus 5 degrees humidity. Another important side note, I don't know if this is just me but no one could tell where I'm from, to the point where I was asked where in Australia I was from. This became such a common thing that I give up on my third day and just went with it for the rest of the trip. 

Although, whether people thought I was Australian or not, all the Americans I met were super nice and went out of their way to stop and talk to me once they heard me speak, I ended up talking to some really genuine people with some pretty amazing stories, including one from none other than one of Prince's hairdressers who I randomly ended up chatting to in a Deli. I was a little sceptical at first however after watching some pretty sketchy video footage on the guy's phone of the two of them partying together in downtown, I was pretty well convinced. 

More of the New York trip to come stay tuned...