Quantocks Snowday

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Yeah, thats quiet a lot of ice…

Now last year, if you have read a little further back into my blog, you might remember the last time it snowed. Well this time around, I was able to actually get off my drive, after a lot of shovelling that is...

Matt and I headed out towards the Quantocks to shoot some new footage for a project in the works, along with a few photos of some Fjallraven Gear. If you have seen some of my recent posts, you might have seen Matt before. Matt is a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer you should definitely check out!

Like most of the South West, Taunton good a pretty good amount of snow. As you would expect when the snow comes, all the Defenders, Range Rovers and four-wheel drives were out. Now, as much as I would love to do the same, I don’t have one, and front wheel drive isn’t exactly the best either… leaving me feeling a little nervous about heading towards the highest point in Taunton.

Feeling a little unsure as the roads start to get narrower and steeper, we started to notice the lack of visible tarmac… it was completely iced over. Every farmer and their dog with a Defender was starting to struggle, it wasn’t looking good for the front wheel drive Polo. After barely making it around some of the corners and struggling to stay in a straight line, we decided that parking at the bottom of the hill would be a slightly better option.

The driving was pretty dicey, but it was worth it! Here are a few photos from the day, enjoy!

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Check out Matt’s work here: Matt Bowen Photography

Gear Used for this shoot:

Camera: Sony A7II

Lenses: (Super compact but amazingly sharp) Sony Ziess 55mm 1.8 and (Amazing bokeh and quick focus) Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

Camera Bag: PRVKE 21 by Wandrd

Tripod: (Super light, and doesn’t make you look strange to carry it around) MeFoto Backpacker

Storage: (Most reliable, useful piece of kit) Lacie Thunderbolt Hardrive