Redruth Shoot

Redruth Shoot

A change of pace

Taking these photos was super refreshing for me, nothing too serious, no real planning and no pressure to fit these in with the rest of my current body of work. It made a really nice change of pace for me, not only shooting people again but shooting friends.

I have taken a couple of photos of Matt over the years, again nothing serious just casual photos. However, I have always been interested in Shooting Matt and Jade together. So, with a very rough idea in my head of a few shots I would like to take, we headed out to see what we could come up with.

Due to the lack of planning, we defaulted to my one of my classic methods of finding a location to shoot at. This is what I call, "drive in that general direction and we'll stop when I see something I like". So we all jumped in Matt's car and headed out. After driving around and chatting breeze in the car, we found a little spot we liked. Being early January, it wasn't the warmest of days, unfortunately, the spot we choose was probably one of the highest and most exposed places in Redruth to shoot at.

After shivering in between photos, rearranging Jade’s hair thanks to the wind and once again getting distracted by chatting, we managed to create a few things.

Gear Used for this shoot:

Camera: Sony A7II

Lenses : Sony Ziess 55mm 1.8 and Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

Storage: (Most reliable, useful piece of kit) Lacie Thunderbolt Hardrive