A Street Photographers/Instagrammers Guide to Geneva

Two days in Geneva, where to?

Although I had travelled through Geneva a few times before, I had never taken the time to properly explore the city. But now, after visiting late last year, I can say I will definitely be going again.

I loved the feel of the city, it's so clean, the people are so polite and everything is extremely efficient. This made a refreshing change to what I am used to.

So before I started my brief journey across the pond to spend two days in the well-oiled machine that is Geneva, I decided to look into a few ideas and locations for this trip. To my surprise, for what I was looking for, there wasn't a great deal to go on. If you want to join the queue of tourists taking photos of the same statue, there is plenty to go on. That wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

So with no too much to go on, I skipped most of the typical attractions and wandered around until I stumbled across something that caught my eye. So based on my experience, as no professional street photographer, I put together just a few suggestions that I feel capture this busy little metropolis.

So here are four of my recommendations and Ideas to get you started:


The Arve River

Yes, It’s really that blue.

The Arve, runs through France and Switzerland, cutting right through the centre of Gevena. Follow it away from the city centre to find yourself on woodland and riverside paths overlooking the river, or trace it up into the old town if you are in search of coffee shops and patisseries.

Either way, sometimes teal, sometimes turquoise and sometimes every other kind of blue and green you can think of river can make for some nice shots throughout Geneva. In some areas, you can walk right down to the water.


Rue du Rhône

For those who can afford…

If you were wondering where the majority of the wealthier residents of Geneva might spend spare time, I could confidently say a lot of them could be found here.

Along this street, you can find a number of luxury stores and picturesque coffee shops. Maybe you want to capture peoples reflections in the windows as they stare longingly at the ridiculously priced watches if so, this is a good place for you.

Additionally, the alleys and streets leading off from this street project some great light during golden hour.

Geneva Suits.jpg

Rue de la Corraterie

Where the real rush is.

Now, my anything but local level knowledge of this part of town tells me that this is a bit of a commuter hub. Busy any time of day, this tangle of metro lines is a great place to loiter around for 20 minutes.

I found my self doing loops of the street, waiting for the businessmen to line up with buildings, people to make their way across crossings, watching near miss bike accidents right in front of me, it really has a lot going on.


Bâtiment des Forces Motrices

Day or night.

Situated right on the Rhône, this impressive building makes a cool shot day or night. A nearby bridge give you a good shot of the building, however, the apartment block overlooking the river on the north side provides a better viewpoint.

I hope this short little list of ideas helps you find something good, I can thoroughly recommend taking a trip here if you are looking for a short photography getaway. Geneva has a lot going on, cyclists everywhere, businessmen and women rushing through the city centre, people gazing longingly into shop windows, this is what makes this place so appealing as a photographer and why I will definitely be back, maybe for more than the rushed 48-hours this time.

Gear Used for this shoot:

Camera: Sony A7II

Lenses : Sony Ziess 55mm 1.8 and Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

Storage: (Most reliable, useful piece of kit) Lacie Thunderbolt Hardrive