New Camera First Impressions - Sony A7RIII

Getting A New Camera

So after saying farewell to my old camera, a trusty Sony Alpha a7II, I splashed out and got my hands on a Sony A7RIII.

When I first got the camera, I had been so busy and unable to take it for a spin so it had been in its box feeling neglected already. So, with my always available model Charlie (my dog, he’s so handsome). I decided to just take it out in the last bit of sun for a few minutes.

So heres a few shots taken on my new Sony and already I can say I am pretty happy.

5 (1 of 1).jpg
charlie cropped (1 of 1).jpg

One thing that has stood out to me already with the A7RIII, is how good things look just in the view finder alone. Now I have used Sony Alpha cameras for a while now and I’m totally used to electronic view finders but since I have been using this one, It instantly looks more crisp and colours looks much much richer.

The second thing I’m really liking is the size of the camera, now Sony’s along with nearly all mirrorless cameras are known for being so tiny which is great for travelling and street shooting but one tiny thing for me, and I know it really shouldn’t matter but… When I turn up to shoot for a client, I often like I have brought a pea shooter along. Of course when they receive the images they see how it really doesn’t impact on how the camera performs, I normally end up putting the largest lens I have on the camera at first to seem a little more professional… So I know this is something very petty, however, since using the A7RIII, it just feels way more solid and just seems that little bit more credible to use. The grip is much larger too, so if you’re on the weak side like me, its super easy to use one handed.

Darker Reeds (1 of 1).jpg
reeds cropped (1 of 1)-3.jpg

So I am super excited to get using this camera for real, its honestly a beast. The files are bloody huge but the quality is unreal, so fingers crossed I can get some of the new photos ready for printing. I have also been trying to tone my photos down a little recently, over the last year I feel like I have got caught up in a really harsh and over the top editing style and its something I want to step away from. Hopefully with the trips I have planned of the next few months and from what I have built up, I can share some of the content with you guys.

Gear I Use:

Camera: Sony A7RIII

Lenses: (Super compact but amazingly sharp) Sony Ziess 55mm 1.8 and (Amazing bokeh and quick focus) Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

Camera Bag: PRVKE 21 by Wandrd

Tripod: (Super light, and doesn’t make you look strange to carry it around) MeFoto Backpacker

Storage: (Most reliable, useful piece of kit) Lacie Thunderbolt Hardrive