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This is  Kimi , she has been practising yoga for over five years and she’s pretty amazing at it!

This is Kimi, she has been practising yoga for over five years and she’s pretty amazing at it!

Once again, it’s so lovely to be back shooting in Cornwall and especially with weather like this. It’s making me miss it so bad!

The purpose of this shoot was to get new original imagery for Kimi’s social/website in order to promote herself, her yoga classes and the beautiful studio she teaches in.

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Now, normally when people ask about shooting in their studios, I’m immediately thinking about the lighting.

From my experience, I have worked on shoots in some very dark and gloomy studios which can create a problem when trying to work some more drama and focus into the scene. Although a good flash and lighting setup can solve this problem, the imagery is never the same in my opinion. It looks harsh and forced.

Thankfully, the ‘Yoga Garden’ Studio is lovely, with some really nice subtle lighting. From a photographers point of view, this spot has a lot of potential for great photoshoots but of course, if you are practising yoga, the soft lighting and warm tones inside create a peaceful and relaxing space to be in.

We started the morning with coffee, giving us some time to finalise ideas and criteria for the shoot before heading to the studio to start shooting. A perfect amount of light creeps in from the window above, giving just enough to pick out small highlights and details on Kimi’s hands and jewellery. I shot all of this shoot with my Sony A7RIII, I still can’t express this camera’s low light capability. Although these shots above look quite bright as they are taken on an iPhone where the phone has pushed up the exposure automatically, in reality, the room is much darker. Having the light enter the room from one side really brings some atmosphere and drama to the scene and of course adds to the natural, softer images I was looking to leave with.


First off we worked with some sitting poses and close-ups, allowing Kimi to warm up a little and for me to focus on the smaller details. For the wider angles and close ups I used the Sigma 24mm Art 1.4, although this lens has been around for a while, the new Native E mount version hasn’t.

When I heard it had been realised a little while ago I was pretty excited to pick one up. It’s a bit of a beast, in a few ways. First of all its heavy, like really heavy. But the second reason and my draw to the lens is the depth of field it creates. Opening this lens up to 1.4 lets a crazy amount of light into your camera, creating some of the softest, creamiest bokeh, sometimes too much… I’m going to be making a blog post all about the kit I use in a little more detail soon, so keep an eye out for that if you want to be bored by technical stuff even more.

Through the Lens

After spending a couple of hours in the studio, we stopped for Tacos (which were lush) and then headed down to the beach. The Yoga Garden Studio is based in Newquay, about a 5 minute walk away from Fistral Beach. As the beach was a little busy, as you’d expect with gorgeous weather, we based most of the shooting around the sand dunes. The reeds help to break up or even frame the scenes really well, it helps to have another element somewhere else in the photo to bring a different texture and colour.

IMG_7478 2.jpg
IMG_7477 2.jpg

The feel for the photos shot at the beach is a little less yoga focused, instead, the focus is more aimed at personal branding for Kimi. By Using a few less dramatic poses and close ups, the images shift more towards her and her surroundings instead. I really like the way these shots turned out. I wanted to give a really bright summery feel to them which can be tricky sometimes, in bright mid afternoon sky everything is perfectly lit which takes out some of the drama. Light is important and its great to have a lot, however, when the lights everywhere its tricky to see what the focus is and what should you be looking at. So instead, I brought the saturation down so there wasn’t a block of dark blue sky taking up the frame along with the highlights to bring out any details in the one or two clouds left, the reeds and the sand. Adding a little grain to the image makes it feel a little more authentic, again avoiding the harsh over-lit look.

Overall, I really enjoyed the shoot and I’m happy with the outcome of the photos. Kimi has some crazy yoga skills, if you are in the Cornwall area or stopping by make sure you book in! She was a really great subject/model and lovely to work with. Not to forget, a huge thanks to Leo Smith for getting some great BTS Shots for me and being an honorary shoot assistant.

He even got involved himself, check out that crow…


Check out the complete photo gallery here

Model/Subject and for all your yoga needs: Cinnamon Yoga

Yoga Studio: Yoga Garden

Like what you see? If you have any branding needs or ideas whether it is for yourself as an individual, product or business of your own I’d love to hear from you!

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Gear I used:

Camera: Sony A7RIII

Lenses: (Super compact but amazingly sharp) Sony Ziess 55mm 1.8 and (Amazing bokeh and quick focus) Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art

Camera Bag: PRVKE 21 by Wandrd

Tripod: (Super light, and doesn’t make you look strange to carry it around) MeFoto Backpacker

Storage: (Most reliable, useful piece of kit) Lacie Thunderbolt Hardrive