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 Travel Highlight

New York City

June 18


Travel Highlight:


Having sat at the top of my travel list for a long time, when the opportunity appeared for me to travel out to NYC I was pumped. Everything is happening in New York, more goes on in a week amongst the hustle and bustle than a year where I am now. For the last few years I have woken up to some of my favourite NYC photographers on my feed, they make the city look so good. Knowing I was going to have the chance to wonder around the same streets they walk daily, with the possibility to get photos a tiny fraction as good as them was so exciting to me.

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Concrete Jungle

New York is bloody huge...  

All the instagram photos and films make this place so impressive, but when you’re finally here... the scale is crazy

Just trying to see the sky without looking directly up is actually impossible sometimes, the light is drowned out by concrete and bricks in every direction. It’s amazing to see what they can cram into one block, but then again this isn’t a block in London or Bristol like I’m used to. This is more like a football pitch sized block. Walking around downtown isn’t just about what you can see on the surface, the ground trembles as the trains pass below, construction in full flow below the grates on the sidewalk. Every other block, a thick plume of smoke seaps though the drains, just like you’ve seen in any NYC Instagram photos I’m sure. As good as the photos it can make, what the photos can’t tell you is it also smells bad. Like really bad.

Despite almost touching 40 degrees in midday sun, workers are still going at it in full work gear, high vis jackets and timberlands. Props to these guys, I’m melting in my Tshirt...

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