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Paris, France

May 19

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Travel Highlight:

Paris, France

Another bucket-list city ticked off the list, although after spending just a few days here, I’d happily scrub of the tick and come back again. Paris is easily the most picturesque place I have been, the buildings, the food, the people it all feels so tasteful. Luckily, I got to experience a mixture of rain, sun and clouds which only added to the mood here.


Here comes the rain.

Rain is normally the last thing people hope for when they travel. for me I love it, Because when it rains, out come the umbrellas.

I love the urgency it brings, people dashing for shelter, struggling to open an umbrellas they were hoping not to be using that day. It’s those sudden actions that are satisfying to capture.

The rain itself adds details, bringing that extra bit of drama to any photo. The tarmac turns from a washed out grey to a glossy black as if its made of obsidian, reflecting nearby light. The individual droplets help to break up the featureless areas of the photo which can get a little featureless when you shoot from a lovely dry spot further away like me.

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FE Lady on bike Final(1 of 1).jpg
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After walking around Paris all day, my legs were ready to fall off and I was ready to head back to my lovely Parisian apartment and eat my own weight in bread. I’d walked around the outside of the Eiffel Tower which if you’ve been to Paris, you will know its a hornets nest for pick pockets. So even with my camera tucked under my arm I was still attracting a few sketchy people asking for ‘directions’ or 'offering to take my photo on my camera’ which honestly, if thats the line you choose to use you need to work on that big time. So, after maybe four potential attempts at my camera I decided to chuck it in my bag and move on, I wasn’t planning on getting a photo of the tower that so many others would have taken anyway.

So I walked back along Pont de Bir-Hakeim, another iconic photo spot, which if you’re like me, you saw it in inception that one time… So being fully into night now, the light was a little limited.

I walked along the archway until right before the very end, I saw a couple in matching jackets and a tripod behind them. After seeing the writing across the grooms back, I was pretty excited when I saw “married”. I thought, this could be interesting.

So after getting closer to them, they looked up to see me and stopped what they were doing, I think they were waiting for me to get past so they could get on with their photo without an audience. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I passed behind the pillar, quickly took my camera out quickly and snapped a quick burst of photos without adjusting my settings.

On one hand, I thought maybe I should show them but I hate showing raw unedited photos to people, especially when its in low light. Now I have a finished photo, I kind of wish they could see it.

Regardless, although not the most technical photo but its one that puts a smile on my face when I see it.

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