Hi, I’m Matt.

I have worked for a number of brands/individuals, curating a range of content which has been used to show their brand/products in the most authentic light possible.

Although primarily a Photographer, my digital skill set is varied, with expertise in social media, brand consulting and occasionally film/video. Having a broader skill set allows me to be versatile when working with clients, giving you a service and finished product which is tailored to your needs and bespoke to your brand.

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A little more about me…

I don’t normally look that grumpy.

So a little about me, I grew up in Cornwall and although I wasn’t born there, I will always call Cornwall home as I moved there at a young age. I love skating, I spent a lot of time when I was younger at the skatepark with friends. It was kicking around at the skatepark that led me to pick up a camera. I had friends who were really good (much better than me) and I wanted to capture that. First, it was film, once I bought a cheap, heavy fisheye lens second hand off of eBay I was hooked. Despite being all beaten up and scratched, I was stoked to be able to create images like that for myself.

I upgraded to a Canon 650d, my first digital DSLR. I continued to take photos of my friends and a lot of my dog but it just fizzled out after a while. I then started working in an outdoors store in Truro, it was there that the store photographer told me about the “nifty fifty” if you don’t know, this was the nickname for a 50mm lens. It could open up to let so much light in, giving an amazing depth of field to anything. I again purchased a second-hand 50mm off of eBay. I took one photo of my dog, just to test it out when I first got it out of the box, nothing planned, he was just laying there looking moody. I took the photo, and this was the first time I had seen a lens create that kind of depth of field. I thought, wow, that actually looks good, it actually looks professional.

I continued to take photos with that lens, portraits, skate, products. It really opened my eyes up to photography. So to this day, a 50mm lens is my absolute favourite lens to work with and it totally changed photography for me, I am never without it on my Sony. So thanks for the recommendation buddy. Since then, I have been obsessed with photography and visual story telling. It has given my the opportunity to see so many amazing, beautiful places and work with a number of super exciting brands and individuals. Travel is a big part of my photography, I love being in a new environment with my camera. New York is the biggest city I have been too, and it was incredible. Best two weeks of my life. I taught me so much about photography and even myself, it confirmed that behind the camera is where I want to be.

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